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Level 6 6 More London Place Tooley Street SE1 2DA

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How do I apply for a muteral exchange?

I was offered to view a 2 bedroom house, and when i walked through the front door it was riddled with DAMP!! How can Clarion has such a property for someone to move into in that state they should be ashamed of them selfs!!!!
Circle 33 emergency number
How do I find out what areas Clarion has properties in Hemel Hempstead? xXx
My leaking toilet since the 11/09/20, was finally look at yesterday 23/10/20. awake this morning with water all over my bathroom floor. What are the duties of Clarion Housing managers? how do you valued your tenant and customers?
I have a couple and there son living in my spare rooms but I now want them out how do I go about doing it
Can a lodger in a house rented by a tenant of a housing association claim housing benefit from his council to pay his rent to that tenant?
Thinking of buying a clarion Housing association flat as a lease holder and using it for short rentals. How will I go about this. Do I have to ask for permission from anyone?
How do you get a package of management documents for the sale of an apartment Clarion has not responded for four months to the requests of my lawyers and to my request to receive the documents - please help me.
I recently had my bedroom ceiling collapse, and the trauma and damage that was caused has left me anxious and stressed, I am now on medication!!!!! But the refuse to move me????
What on earth's happening to the repair service unless it's urgent don't bother? Well hope there's a rent reduction and my urgent repair still not done contacted them again 25 mins on hold layer absolutely ridiculous
How do we get repairs carried out
Would I be allowed swap a 2 bedroom house for a 3 bedroom house?
I'm on pip with mobility issues I have high walls and ceilings is there anyway I can get help with decorating this
How do I apply for housing? Currently need 1 bedroom and pet friendly please
How do I ask for waiting list for garage
is there any age restriction
Where can I access your complaints policy?
Who is the lesson officer for the roof works in Barham road chislehurst BR7 6HX
Why is num 98 hunt rd tonbridge boarded up,?? Is it a 3 bed house ? Thank u.
I am absolutely sisterhas waited 3 months for her property for her and her 3 boys to only be given a house that is disgusting!!! You should be ashamed
When you are nominated for a house how long is the process
Who is sick of the lies dishonesty & manipulation from Clarion staff & management ?? No seriously ??
How do I find out to exchange my flat for a flat in East Sussex please may I have information
Is the compsny called ark
What company do they use for pest control
I have called clar around 12 tines no one can give me rhe answer on being able to go any further as my house swap page says u need written permission from cost and nrhry don't get bavk. They mention web chat
I can't get through to clar since cyber attract so how can I swap my house as my house search is saying I need written permission and clar won't get back to me
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