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The Crescent Sun Rise Way, Amesbury Wiltshire SP4 7QA

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kieran mcintyre 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Took out a policy with them in 2021. Recently moved to a new property, just over 3 miles from my previous house, They decided to increase my premium as the vets in my new area charge more. I use the same vet as I always have. Price from Dec …

Leonardo Correa 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I recently purchased Animal Friends Insurance for my pet and am incredibly disappointed. Despite paying a superior premium fee, the vet fee claim limits are incredibly low and I ended up losing out on £159.00 after paying the excess fee. I …

Annie Partridge 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I had excellent customer service provided by both Claire and Caitlin today after informing Animal Friends of my beloved cat’s unfortunate passing 2 weeks ago. Both team members were appropriately compassionate and dealt with the …

Animal Friends FAQs

Is it possible to insure my Min wire dachshund purely for IVDD? I don't need any other cover. He is 3 years and 10 months old, entire, and healthy with no existing conditions. My post code is SA19 6YH. Would you be willing to quote?

Give the friendly team a call on 0344 557 0300. Im sure they would be happy to help!

I insured 3 cats with you on the 8th July 2019. I paid the full price for each by debit card and requested my policies be sent via the post. It is now 21st July 2019 and I still have no policies for any cat and have had no contact?
What is the average length of time,it takes, for a caim to be processed
Why is it so difficult to set up my account on line???
How do I get onto the renewal by email system?
Do we recieve paper policy documents as well as online ones
My dog needs medicines for the rest of his life. Does my insurance cover the cost of essential medicines.
Phone number not working???
In case of a claim do we have to complete a claim for before we can contact the Vet ?
is cherry eye coved on animal friends insurance
I am looking at lots of the good reviews, why do so many of them only have 1 review, it is similar on other review sites as well. My question is are all of the 'Good' reviews real
Can i ask is the time for claiming for payments at 90 days after treatment or is it open like 2020 many thanks
how soon will you pay my claim
are claims paid direct to the vet
Do animal friends do cover for Guinea pigs?
Had a large vet bill. Had to pay the vet myself they submitted my claim form to the insurance.. any idea how long it takes for the insurance to pay me?
what is the procedure when your pet is deceased
I am a member of the Animal Friends Ins. And I want to enquire if I am covered for teeth cleaning ? Mrs Wendy Turner
Does your policy cover dental work. My dog had a fight and his jaw was damaged resulting in 3 teeth being removed.
What percentage of animal friends profits are donated to animal charities?
I would not recommend this company to ANYONE.They do not pay out even when the vet writes to them.Plus just received out new policy which states we will have to pay the bulk of the vet bill if we claim Juscancel ed
I am disappointed with no response to my emails written for permission to treat my dog with a golf ball dwelling on her tail . Photos sent but no response ! Thanks Forwarded photos too a
how do i get the book up to see what is insured and what is not.
I have a policy to cover my dog who is 13 years old . She needs a biopsy will my insurance cover this?
I have rehomed a chihuahua that is insured with you. How can I change the insurance to myself and set up a DD for monthly payment?
I have a policy for my dog buddy wondering if it covers medication for ear infection
Any feedback back for the pet sitting services?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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