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Hi i am 14 aswell but there are different types of gym the one you are allowed to go to is junior gym l. However I don't think Highbury has this but archway does

How the lockers work? do you need a token or the coin you use never comes back?
Are the changing rooms unisex or single?
Firstly why can you not get through to their phone number? Secondly when can you use the baby pool during school holidays without there being lessons in there. Thanks
Is the pool functional? 2020
How much costs for swimming general pool?
Is the pool open today?
is the sauna working
How much is the sauna please?
Is there a swimming pool in place?
when can a senior with senior membership enjoy free swimming at the Highbury Leisure centre?
What times are the sauna and steam room open?
Is the pool at Highbury open today -I cannot seem to book a swimming slot
Can you show up and pay for use of steam room ??
Is there a car park?
How much does it cost to be a member when you are under 25?
Which day the sauna is open to men?
Is the gym reopened ?
What are the reception desk timings? Can I check out the facilities if I am not a member yet?
Is the sauna wotking
Does anybody know why the phone number doesn't work?
Do they have an infrared sauna? Or just a normal steam sauna?
What time is small pool open
are there exercise groups for elderly
When do you do water aerobics
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