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The Basildon Centre St. Martin's Square Basildon SS14 1DL

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Basildon District Council FAQs

I SIMPLY want to email you, you don't make it easy! Your 'options' do not include what I need to ask, why so difficult?

Generic emails addresses aren't easy, means your email might got forwarded and re forwarded to different departments (depending on the content) delaying a full response, always quicker to to give them a call. There is a "For anything else option"

How come scince this company took over the foot paths are in such a state English landscape kept them clear and sprayed the weeds unlike this lot, why are we paying for a service we don't get. Cheapest price not best for residents to.
Just moved to Basildon Borough,how do I pay for Council taxes?
Can you tell me who do I need to speak to on how to get a postal address on a plot of land I own. Thanks
The council and the people of this city are very racist and humanity is dead in this city and unfortunately it doesn't matter to the council whether you are alive or dead and they don't pay attention to the refugees and you are liars.
Which bag does a hot water bottle go in pink or black
Is the council phone line down does anyone know
Is it possible to have a humane cull of urban foxes? They are invading my garden and attacking my cat who is now too terrified to go out.
How do I get an allotment?
Does basildon council supply water utts
Can foil containers for dog food be recycled
Where can I get a radar toilet key
The rubbish collection page on the site stalls when I go to enter my postcode. What day is the collection this week in the King Edward Rd area of Laindon? Thanks dcb
Does the council refuge tip at pitsea take internal doors ?? Regards Roy Nelson
Who is responsible for green area in Sweetbriar Drive please?
Please could Chapel Court have some pink sacks!
why do you - Basildon council - send incorrect information about council tax payments after office hours when you are shut! Basildon council are very unprofessional in their attitude and approach to people living in the area
how do i make a complaint
Hallo,I am looking for our old friends John and Bob Worsley They use to live in Basildon The adress was laindon Hawthorns Is there anybody Who can tel me wwhere
How long do relatives have to clear a property after the tenant dies?
who do i contact regarding a building repair
Can thistledown court have pink bags please
Are basildon council offices open now if I need to speak to someone face to face .... Thanks ...
When is everyone being moved out of Peterborough way flats?
Hi how do we stop being harrassed by our nieghbours from hell.
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