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Trying to call the hospital is almost impossible let alone unbearable especially if your treatment depends on it, The automated response NEVER and i mean NEVER gets what you ask for so it goes to operator that rings and rings 25 mins ringing!!!!!!!

Same today. How does a patient find out when his/her x-Ray has been recorded?

Why don't anyone from x-ray pick up the phone. ??
What will.happen if I unit with living I'm.just existing I 8 yrs.i e.been poorly but.last Yr declined
Does anyone know what time outpatients opens please
I have been ringing the CTC for three days and not once has my call been answered. Prior to this, I have been to Basildon A&E twice and my own GP three times and a month after surgery, I am still in acute pain and no one seems to care. What next?
Are there any hotel or guest houses near hospital.?
Have been trying to speak to someone at the hospital about an surgerydate I'm waiting for, tried loads of numbers no answer. Anyone got any advice?
Lionel cousins ward wher isit
Been trying to ring XRay department for nearly a week. I'm in a queue lol then I get cut off. How are you supposed to book an appointment.
What sort of hospital service is this??? Operator does not answer for ages and when they do put you through no one answers. So frustrating!!!!
What number do I ring for the Endoscopy department
when does anyone answer the fone
How can you make an x-ray appointment as told by your doctor and no one answers the phone...over 40 times this week I've tried
Where do I go for AMU
Is their an email addres at the patient nurses station
What is balphom ward
why can i not find the Orthotics department on your website?
what bus goes from brentwood high st to basildon hospital
is there rooms so that my wife can stay as she is unable to travel the distance to visit me , as i could be in for at least 7 days
What is the phone number
Can I just walk in if my GP has requested an xray
(Translated by Google) P.S. I'm sorry, but Kelvin's father is lamenting that his son's treatment will never start unless he pays for the hospital treatment, so please be patient! (Original) P.S. ????????? ?????? ???? ??????????? ??? ???????? ??????? ??????? ?????????????
(Translated by Google) US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan (UN side) I think Kelvin is in the hospital urgently at the age of 10, but his father is very upset! (Original) ???????????????(???) ? ????10?? ?????? ?????????????? ??? ????????????
What are the good government schools near Basildon hospital for grade two students?
Do you have a Parkinsons Neurosurgeon who does both Private and NHS funded diagnosis of Parkinsons ?
is there any nhs eye clinic in Basildon hospital?
what is pals
Where is the katherine monk day unit please
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