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98 Waters Meeting Road Bolton BL1 8SW

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Bolton at Home FAQs

Can u tell me how much have i got to pay on my rent

Sorry I couldn't tell you on that but if you ring them they will tell you sorry I carnt be more assistance

If my sheltered bungalow hasa hazard just outside my bungalow do i have to pay to have a fence elected i have fallen down it once and twisted my ankle
How do I report a neighbour who is giving residents grief - she has been in her house less than 3 months!!
How long can the council leave you with a roof that is raining into your child's bedroom?? Because I've been reporting it for over a year and nothing is ever done!!
If your neighbour in flat above you leaks water into flat and this ruins your flooring and damages ceiling and there response is' accidents happen!who should report this and is it up to me to claim off my insurance?
I fill the form for council house they didn't reply me
Just moved down Bolton, will they do anything to help me towards greeting a place?
When are rent free weeks.?
Whats their email address
I've been given a letter from my psychotherapist/counseller regarding my housing application do I send this Bolton at home, waters meeting road or the town hall in bolton
How long do you get to empty a flat when someone dies
What repairs am I responsible for being a council tenant
How do I find out my arrears
my partner lives with me but I need to put his name on the tenancy agreement as joint tenant,how do I do this?
Do you have rent house
do you need to pay 1 weeks rent out off your own pocket when you go to collect your keys?
Floating support and Conditional needs band what do they mean .
How do I report a change in circumstances as my daughter moved in last week.
Can you let me no if housing benefit go up in april
Can u please tell me how much arrears I still owe.
I have recently had my hours cut at work and am now part time on 26 hours per week. What help can I get with my bills ie rent,rates, utilities bills . Thanks John.
I have been homeless now over two years now and Bolton at home have done nothing for me done anybody knows who can help me
What does your "Mission Statement" actually say?
Hi I have just found out my boiler is leaking is that an emergency or will it do tomorrow?
(Translated by Google) I want another house because my house is narrow and damp and there is no storage Thank you for your help (Original) ???? ???? ??? ??? ????? ??? ???? ????? ??? ???? ??? ???? ????? ??? ??? ????????
How do I find out my pinpoint number as I have lost it and can't apply for housing otherwise.
How do I find out my housing number as I cannot apply for housing without it.
I have been on pinpoint for a while and try to get onto the new website they said you have to re-register which I tried to do but it will not do it I wonder if someone can help I have my password and my reference number iPhone 7 Bolton at home office
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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