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Andy True 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Give access to my bank account then had to share again with the lender anyway don’t waste your time go straight with a lender cut the middle man out

Marc Eversedge 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Seems my review was deleted, DEBRA from collections , is the worst person i’ve ever spoken to in my life.

barry Lowers 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Had a car loan for £6000over 3 year’s managed to pay it in 17 months when I asked for settlement figure was given no discount as interest was front loaded so I paid £2000 interest rip off

CarFinance247 FAQs

good morning, I have been phoning you all week about the car ive bought its been broken down on my drive for a week a half now, and im disabled, ive spent a lot of money calling you through out the week, could you give me a call back ref 1234, tha

Paul Graham, when you get finance for a car it is the lender of the money that is then responsible as the car is still theirs untill all payments are made so Shaun is correct in following this procedure.

I took out a loan of 6800 and paid 2000 at 200 a month and my settlement figure they gave me was 6400 lol I would avoid, they are ridiculous!
why is it too long to speak to someone
Will you finance 14 plate BMW520d M Sport 2014 registered with 163088 miles recorded On a local dealers forecourt.
What is your policy on cars on finance from you being modified before being fully paid for?
Can u finance motorhomes
I have a car on finance can I trade it for an other car
Amazing service they are really really good
gadi dekhni hen
Hi we are looking to get our car from here my question is we are based in Birmingham. Of we find a car do we have to collect or does it get delivered
How can I pay off the finance
You close at 8pm why does it give you the option to call me back after 8pm ?
Is there free parking for staff that work here ?
Hallo, I bought my car and you credit part of it. Now I would like to change my car for another with the same value. I'd like to rewrite my loan for a new car. What should I do? regards, Mariusz
Hi you sent me a link to go to but won't let me into it
Can you please answer your phones, ive been on hold at number one in the line for nearly 20 minutes.
why dont you answer the bloody phone !!!!
Why isnt nobody on the phones? I been ringing for the last half an hour no response?
Do you ever answer the phone? Hours, and hours and no answer! Been trying to get through for days!
Hello, I have been phoning but nobody is answering the phone. Are you lots still functioning?. Thanks
Does anyone answer your phones? I was told yesterday by a dealer that I've been accepted for finance and I need to talk to you guys to finalise the paperwork, but nobody answers your phones. How do I do business with you if I can't speak to anyone?
Hi I am looking to buy a vehicle I have already looked at and its second hand hybrid, can I use any loan to buy a vehicle of my choice or do you only allow vehicles purchased by your own suppliers?
Don't ever buy a car from Alex Scott cars from ashington because they are sheisters they sell you a car and you get no aftercare no warranty or nothing I bought a car off them and I have had to spend more than 12 hundred pounds on repairs
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:59 am

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