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Hallo. My name is Katarzyna. I feel bit embarrassed to ask but i don't feel good about it. I have been on sunbed but i didn't see the camera inside till my minutes finish. When I looked up was camera was there. For me is like broke my privacy.

Report them and go back and rip all the cameras off them police dont help unless your forin or rich

Can my hotel hold my passport against my wishes if i owe them money? I need it to draw money from the bank
Is it possible to get security markings for my grandson,s new mountain bike at a local police station?
I found screw on the side of my tyre on the car park next to my home. She'll I report it to police ?
I have a lot o kitchen knives to get rid of. I know their only cutlery knives but they are pointed knives and don't want them being found by the kids. Where would be the best place to get rid of them. Thank you
Hi my collegue has apparently been arrested tonight and is due in work tomorrow, do i need to get cover???
There has been a BMW car parked at the end of WarwickAve Crosby format least 3weeks now Number YCO9XUJ at theCoronation Drive end??
Am trying to get in touch with a Dr T M Beaumont who lost his phone and bank card in liverpool city centre. I want to reunite him with his lost property. His bank was not helpful when I called to ask for his home tel and address.
what is the use of a police force,if you can,t talk to some-one about a possible crime. namely,a car driving around with 9 plastic containers full of fuel. 5gall containers. what a bang that would make..
Dear Sir/Madam I am trying to book an appointment but it shows me full booked !! Can you help please. Mohammed, Kind regards.
How can I get a bag that you put your car keys in, so as to stop them being copied? I've been told the police in Knowsley are giving them away. Thanks.
i have been offered a teaching job in China, the employers require a police background check, How do i go about getting this?
What are the police in yellow and black vans in Liverpool called. Bugging me try to remember!! ??
I had a car accident which was my fault and I forgot to take the other car reg and the drivers information what shall I do?
Is illegal to park across a driveway
There is green circle with X inside infront of my house What is this
There is a small dog wandering around (no collar), in CH62 4RW. It looks lost, what should I do ?
I have just given my national insurance number an just my name an it was a scam. Can they commit fraud with these 2 personal details?
Anybody know what is classed as "my local area" during lockdown? If I'm in Old Swan, for example, am I allowed to go to say, The Pier Head or Speke Hall for some exercise?
I want to know is it illegal In UK for children to be made a profit from on a private adoption site this is not obligated under UK law do you understand English in Liverpool ease feel free to ignore me
What has happend In sacred heart
How do I get a crime number
How long does it normally take to get thru on 101 i have been waiting 39 mins still no answer should i hang up or go to the local police ssya
If u got a cannibas fine and you have to pay by card but u don't have credit card what can u do ?
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