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Chohan 2 months ago on 1023
( 1 out of 5 )

Ever since we moved in our present flat, few years ago, we have been harassed by neighbours as they didn’t like us getting the flat Two reasons, one racism , another they have had their eyes on the flat and we got the flat, they didn’t. They have showed nothing but hatred towards us. Causing harassment anyway they can think of. Police have been involved few times, noise team few times but they seem to got away with all kinds of stories. The housing officer don’t seem to want to do anything about it due to discrimination. If the matter continues, we will have to do things legally.

SuperHoneycombe 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Management are rude.

Qazim 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

The second it changed from CityWest Homes to City of Westminster them self’s it became an absolute joke. Going down hill day by day !

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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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