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199 Lower House Lane Liverpool Merseyside L11 2SF

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Do colbalt. Have a handyman that you can hire

Enquiries from colbalt but depends on the job you wanting done

What is your email address
After disabilty adaptions in our home because of ill health. Can i get a decorating payment. Every room in home had to to have some or huge amount done in it
Can I soundproof wall
do you have a defibrillator on site please
I would like to know why the green bin was not emptied last week ? When will it be done?
Can a householder breed dogs
My parents moved in to a property 57 years ago and raised 6 children my mum has recently passed away can i take the tenancy over if i wasnt living there
How do I go about house exchange or put in to downsize
What can be done about neabours garden that is full of rubbish and causes rats
as a tenant do I have to have a smart meter installed
Do colbot have shelters flats or bungalows to rent and is there any vacantt
Worst double glazing ever. Did they get it from a reject sale. Doors and windows sound open when they're shut. Aweful. Who got the back handers?
Does any one remove furniture from your property
Would you be i able to buy my farther house for. Him
How do I go on property pool
When are the kitchens and bathroom's getting done in the l9 area please anyone know.
How come cobalt are answering calls for Anti social behaviour. Rent payments . BUT not emergency repairs. Been without hot water and heating for 9 days (waiting for parts) ? Joke!!!!
Is there a problem with repair line and staff answering emails
Can you please let me know if cobalt repair external security lighting that were fitted last year
Can I request a different rent officer
why doesn't anyone answer calls, fed up listening to music time after time,,even tried e mailing, guess what,,NO RESPONSE,,,a joke
Will I be able to install new gas fire in cobalt home
Have you got any 1 bed flat in Liverpool I am a single person thanks mandy
Why are there no skips were I live we need skips by scar greenfield/ branstree avenue
Can cobalt housing allow me to get granite worktops
Do you have any bungalows available. For a 61. Yr old disabled lady.
How do I get a reference number to log in to the property pool,
How do I get a long reference to get on the property pool,
Phoned cobalt housing today got a reply saying due to unforeseen circumstances they couldn't take the call so stayed on line for ages to get an emergency call I told them about the unforeseen circumstances reply only to be told they are CLOSED .
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:49 am

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