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Crawley Borough Council FAQs

I am a pensioner who lives on state pension rent three with a three bedroom house in broadfield,if I put in for a smaller place am I entitled to have any removal expenses

The housing register is up to a 3 year wait l joined on the 1st August this year because my mum had been in a care home since May 2021 and had to stay in the care home permanently due to her needing 24 hour care as her daughter l couldn't inherit the tenancy agreement.

Why the hell are the council still spraying the dandelion s on the road side when it's known it's the bees first food and it's much nicer than cut grass to look at !Plus the workers with this pesticide will no doubt get some form of cancer
If someone blocks your garage all day . Is there anything you can do to have the car removed?
There is a wasp nest in my front garden which is affecting my neighbour more than me. How can I get this removed, please?
Is it the law for businesses ( shops) to issue a sales receipt? I have noticed that some shops ask if you would like one and if you say no, then a receipt is not printed. I thought that this is a form of tax evasion(fraud)as the sale is not recorded
I am on Furlough at present, I live by myself and I am struggling to pay my council rent. Is there any help I can get?
How do I get name to rent a council property?
How do I retract a bid on a property
Can I sublet my spare room
how old to have to be to get a free bus pass.please ?
Is the CBC website down? I have been trying to report a break down with our door intercom since saturday.
How do I apply for on street parking permit for Gales Drive, Three Bridges I am resident at 105 gales Drive
If you live in a 3 bed house in Bewbush and there's only one person living there How much bedroom tax would you pay
What happens when the council dose some work in the property and have to remove your old cooker , are they responsible to replace the cooker
My son has a disability how can I go about getting a shower fitted in my bathroom for him?
What are the neighbourhood colours
How can I find out who owns a fence. Me or my neighbour??
How do I apply for a house in the council.
Dear all,When a Resident Parking Permit starts to be valid, in the moment is paid or when is received and displayed? I am wondering if I can park the car before I receive the phisical Parking Permit (maybe with the serial number of the Permit).
Do you have to be a certain age to get a bungalow from the council?
I have a couple of modern / LED light bulbs that I believe contain Mercury.Where can I dispose of them safely ? Does the Council Have a central colllection / disposal point at the community tip or elsewhere please. Do any shops take them back?
I need to change my name on my tenancy and add my husband
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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