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Imposing building

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temple of corruption

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Croydon Magistrates’ Court FAQs

What to do if I cannot attend the court

Call two days before and state your reason

May I have an Order issues by the central court to be sealed by a judge at Croydon district court? Thanks.
where do you thake a proff of payment
How do I challenge a decision made by DVLA to take away my licence due to illness.
Who is the clerk for Croydon Magistrates Court
Hi there, how do I apply to dispute a FPN at the magistrates court? I've been issued a hefty fine, and I just don't have the means to pay it in full. I've been told I need to apply to the courts so I can arrange a payment plan. Thank you.
when and where can I have an Application to file a Statutory Declaration sworn before a JP, or an officer of the court? I live in Kenley
What is the latest I can go before asking for a adjournment.
Is the courts open even on lockdown? I have a hearing on 31st do I go there while in lockdown??
I've lost my court papers I need them for the housing on Monday morning what do I do?
What is the process for bringing an appeal to court
i am looking for my first year sixth form daughter to get some work experience in the magistate court, who do i contact
Where can I park my car?
Been trying to call all day, but can't get through.... call fails, need to speak to someone please? How can I contact you?
My son was in court today number 10 Louis Scott Dunn 14 .11.89 it was by video link from high down prison. Could you please let me know the result pls Amanda Dunn
How can I get my driving license reduced after paying fine
I need to get a Statutory Declaration signed by the magistrate, commissioner or solicitor at Croydon Magistrates Court. Do I need to make an appointment?
Why don't you give a direct number and answer the phones.
How can I send Croydon Magistrates Court a photo graph picture of a letter to the magistrates have caught today and cannot attend
is there cycle parking at the court?
hi iam look to get a copy of my mum and dads consent order thy maid at tower bridge magistrates' court back in 1976 ..where is it kept can you help
hi iam look to find a copy of my mum and dads, consent order was maid at tower bridge magistrate's court back in 1976/78 can you help
How do I get an appointment to reduce a fine that I got from Merton council community for littering. That I cant afford to pay it? Any advice please ?!
How do I get there from rotherhithe station
I'm trying to obtain the the data of my last time in court. How can I get the my details from the court
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