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De Entree 143-145 1101 HE Amsterdam Netherlands.

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Liv Hall 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I ordered same day flowers that didn’t arrive till the next day. The flowers that arrived were not the ones I ordered. I ordered a lovely full bunch of flowers for someone’s birthday and the ones that arrived were not the same and were nowhere near as full as what was chosen.

Karen Attwood 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Quick and easy ordering. Arrived on dated requested. Beautiful colour, my daughter happy with them. Ordered another bunch for my mum. Thank you e-florist 😊 …

megan 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Really great service! Ordered really late but next day delivery was still and option and I got tracking. Also included free chocolates for the receiver.
Very good service and the flowers were gorgeous!!

eFlorist FAQs

Can you tell why my flowers was not deliver yesterday to my sister in law?

Because nobody in their right mind should be using this sham company who take your money and don't deliver. You have learnt a lesson as did I this week.

This company should be closed down as it is scamming people from their hard earned cash. If you have money to waste and throw, trying using it as toilet paper than giving it to this company.
Why on earth am I being asked for a review when my order was never delivered? I think that this company's error is the association with Amazon, who just don't care. It's a pity because my previous order was delivered on time and the flowers were beautifully fresh, which is why I attempted a second order but I shall NEVER use them again.
how can i check if my order has went through for today
Can I order flowers to be delivered to a hospital in Norfolk if I am in Australia. I had difficulty with your website. Thanks.
I ordered a bouquet on Monday for delivery yesterday and they still have not been delivered, I also did not receive a tracking email from the courier, I have sent 2 emails and a msg via the help icon and still have no response. I want a full refund
How do I find out where the flowers I ordered went? They were not delivered? Please can someone help me?
Can you tell me why my order DE22AYRMM01 was not delivered on the date stated but three days late and they were dead. these were rerurned to the driver who was from Amazon.
I have ordered 2 bunches of flowers by mistake .Can I cancel one ?
Is there a number to call as my delivery is 3 days late and no response on email!
On checking out and paying for my own delivery of your flowers they are scanty and not as pictured. Why were the chocolates not included? Is this the same case for the delivery chosen to a friend? Not able to ask Eflorist on query chat site
Who sent me these flowers?No card enclosed. Made me cross rather than pleased. How embarrassing not being able to thank someone for sending you flowers. Not a good service
what is your phone number
Never received birthday flowers on date . Will be a day late have asked for refund as i have been let down j
I understand that my sister is delighted with her flowers which arrived as requested by me
i ordered from another country ...i asked to be delivered next day which i am sure there will be someone to rec it... and what happened when i track my order i knew that they delay it 2 days after ..and i can't contact them..i am very angry..
I just received flowers with no name card. How can I find out who sent them. Is there a contact number?
what is your phone number or email address please, I need to contactyou urgently
Can someone tell me why the hell you messed my order up for my anniversary!!! I ordered 100 red roses and instead I got delivered some random coloured flowers that are roughly 12 in total. What the hell! You messed up my anniversary gift!
what happened to my order WA11944482
how can I cancel a delivery
why have i been charged twice for my flowers? and i am unable to contact you
Can I start my order again
hi have you order from me for flowers as i se you have take cash out off my bank account on the 6/10/2022 as i have not ask for flowers from you so can you look in to it for me and get back to me
I want to order two items for the same person and address? unable to complete on line, help please
Has my order gone through. Barbara Wade
Can i not order online outside your opening hours
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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