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Chris Bridger 4 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Can only comment on the website signing up process, as only joined yesterday 25/12/2022. Very straightforward to do, even for a dinosaur as far as tech goes. Price is very important to me & the overall cost was very competitive compared to others.

Marie D 4 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I noticed I’d missed my renewal. I emailed and asked someone to contact. They did and offered to call me later as I didn’t have my bank card to hand. The lady I spoke to rang me back at the time she said she would. Perfect. Wish I’d got her name but very good customer service. Thank you

Patrick Morris 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

There are no words to describe how bad this company is – tried to fleece us for £175 even though we’re supposed to be covered for emergencies with them – disgraceful – go with a reputable company – do not trust these scammers.

Emergency Assist FAQs

When I had a suspension spring break they were brilliant in arranging recovery and the recovery agent, who was there within 30 minutes, was very professional. I rate them very highly but agree with previous comments about admitting liability. Whilst I couldn't possibly endorse fraudulent claims, perhaps being a bit economic with the truth might have helped here.

Have they gone bust as we have broke down and all phone numbers say you have dialed a incorrect number
Which of your cover options provides for National cover, or is it all of them, please?
I am about to change my Audi to a Volvo XC60 T5 Auto. Will this result in an additional premium and is there an admin fee? Also Is this something done over the phone or on line?
I live in Essex so what would be the response time ?
Do I receive a card which I can carry with me
I am a member . If I want to add key cover how much more do I pay annual?
Hi can you please tell me when my breakdown membership exspires thanks
I have not purchased this service this year. Yet I have received a thank you for purchasing email!!! What is this about?
Does it cover the South of Ireland if u live in the Northern Ireland(uk)
How much does it cost to include a "one off" two week European cover to France for my car & caravan?
Is cover for repairs or just recovery
I have just put a private registration plate on my car and want to up-date my policy.
i am trying to buy a plicy
Is there an admin fee if we change address?
if I take a cover can my wife on the same insurance policy use the breakdown cover
Do you cover Scotland
Anyone have the correct number for these guys. I got through to the number on the web site and was told it was a private number and they get calls all the time?
Do you cover scotland
Dear sir, Thankyou for changing my policy so promptly for my new car (sn68 Sep) the new car comes with a year a a membership so am I able to suspend my membership with you for a year ? Yours faithfully Terence hickey.
what tel number do i ring in the case of a breakdown
What number do you contact if broken down ????
what is your number for breakdowns
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