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How long does it take after bidding for a property for you to find out if you have that property.

You only find out if you are successful and it can be two weeks. Never had a call the day after the weeks bidding closed.

How do we get on housing list
Will it be possible to discuss a relatives housing needs discreetly, if there are concerns for their welfare?
Is the offices open on bank holiday Monday August 26th
Do you provide housing for disabled
How do you bid for house
how many homes does gateshead council own
Can't get on to bid
I need a fridge freezer removed from chopwell
Elderly family members have lived in their council house for approx 56 years. Now both in poor health and we want them to have a stair lift. Would like to rent one privately for them but need to know if permission is needed? Thank you.
How long does it take after bidding for a property for you to find out if you have that property.
can we have a free permit for waste for a charity
If I want to move out how much notice do I need to give thank you
We're do I post my application forms to
Is civic centre open to public
Do i need planning permission to errect a fence
How do I get someone out of my house who isn't on the rent
When will the bidding site be secure ?
Do you have a letter box at the main office front door. I wish to send you a blue badge application Bill spanton.
Are you open to the public
How do I send this photo of solar panel meter as I can't find where to upload it thanks
Can I get a wet room or walk in shower in my council bungalow?
Hi this lyndsey im just wondering if u can come for the stuff that is outside my back garden and the fridge freezer that is belong to uses so can u sort it out please thanks you
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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