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Do any of you gobshites in there ever answer the phone

I couldn't get an answer by phone, but they were very helpful when I went there in person.

Hey can we ring the court to talk to the judge please has I need to asked the judge something and I need to know asap not wait all day
How do I find out court times for tomorrow.
Is this the right court for obtaining probate?
Is it easy to park?
Is there a cafe here?
Is there any parking at the magistrates court building?
Is there car parking available at the courthouse, hastings magistrates court pleaze
I need to Veryfi my court order
Why when i phone does it go Brighton
I need to make an appointment to have a document signing witnessed? How do I do that?
Do they stop for lunch
Can you get the listing of who in court
How do I contact the Magistrates Court to ask them to reduce driving ban?
What do I need to do to take an ex employer to court as he refuses to to allow me to collect my personal belongings and is refusing to provide a P45. Thank you
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