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Hinckley Hub Rugby Road Hinckley LE10 0FR

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Hinckley and Bosworth provided a bin collection date link to my Google phone calendar last year but it does not work for this year. Has this service been stopped?

Hi Keith, apparently we are working on the calendar function to restore it. However, in the meantime, you can download a PDF version or view your personalised bin collection dates here: https://www.hinckley-bosworth.gov.uk/info/524/bin_collection_dates_and_times Hope that helps, HBBC Comms

How do you get bus pass? To replace
How do I book appointment for furniture to be collected
What is the solar panel offer to members of the community? A friend had it but we never received it.
Is their a booking system at barwell tip been told their is
When do we pay for brown bin this year
Hi, can you be refused the toilet at a business if there toilets are closed but you have a disability card .
When are the bins being picked this week area LE6
Do you still have to book a tip run
Do you still have to book for the tip?
please who can i get in touch with as my black bin lid was ripped off this morning when it was emptied, hence no lid, please can you help thank you kate
Can I get a collection of excess rubbish
Am I allowed to start a wildflower area in the wild grass at my local park I have seeds
are you a council or house station
I am a member at Hinckley golf club. I am in the process of trying to convince the powers to be that as our contribution to climate change we should grow some indigenous trees on the course. Can the council help and provide some free trees
Am I registered to vote?
Hi can I metal detected on park land,thanks
Who are the candidate's for the euro elections in far lash
Gopsall rd blue bins haven't been collected this wk.know Rd closed at top but brown bin men just reversed up rd easy.any news when collection?
Hi can anyone please tell me exactly where the martinshaw meadow development is , the map is un clear, and it looks like it will be directly behind numbers 147 to approx 253 Markfield rd,many thanks
Hi were the roads gritted around Burbage last night?
Who was playing in Argents Mead today, Aug.14th, dont think it was Stephen Faulkner?
I was told I was not allowed a gate to the carpark on Thorneycroft Rd yet one new neighbor 11 has been discussing the fact he is going to be the second person to erect a garage and use the car park to access it ! I personally just wanted a gate?
which department to go to let you no a new debit card to pay for green bins
How many bee hives are aloud to be kept in a garden right next door to neighbours fence
How can I get unwanted items collected by the council?
Can you please send me a link to the events calendar?
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