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Why does the gym close so early on the weekends?

This is a good question, really. I don't get that.

When is the big swimming pool open for puplic? Can anyone come and pay for one time using the swimming pool or do you have to have a membership to have access?
Hi please are you open today?
Are there small pools for kids 2-5 years old?
Sauna and Steam?
How much for one session please ? And for monthly subscription also ? Thanks in advance
What's it cost to use the car park ?
when is it only like women
I saw one of the reviews said the pool is salt water/not chlorinated, but can't see that on the website. What kind of water is it?
How much is per day for sweeming pool
If you want to go in the pool just for 1 day, are you supposed to pay?
Hi, how much is the registration price?
As a non-member can i book a badminton court?
Are the changing rooms opened to change for fitness or people should come already changed?
Hi. Us the gym open? What are the timings?
Yes but is it open ,on my last vist you where open but the swimming pool was closed and would open in 2 weeks clarity would be helpful.
What are the opening times for the pool
What are the puplic land swimming times on Sunday?
What are the lane swimming times for the public on Sunday?
Off peak times Saturday and Sunday gym
Do they have a rack to do squat? Also a platform to do deadlift? Thank you.
Is the any discount for the swimming lesson for children if we are income support
What time big pool is open for public
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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