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Games toy story’s 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I have been here at 7pm and now it’s 12am
Absolutely rubbish service in A&E they don’t care about little children waiting in queue or someone got broken nose to register to see a doctor will take 3/4 …

Sevinç Bayram 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Waited at Barking hospital for 4.5 hours just to be told that they can’t read under 5’s xrays there so I was referred to King George’s. I hadn’t had any food for more than 20 hours and my daughter hadn’t had food for 6 hours so I went home …

V P 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

By far the worst hospital I’ve ever been to where do I start. Long waiting hours, today I have witnessed receptionist fully asleep literally snoring his head off, went to see the doctor and he’s also half asleep. I understand the system is …

King George Hospital FAQs

Hi why did you cancel my mum, Jan McCoy, knee replacement because she's too fat as you say? Why did you do that

Unfortunately you won't find the answer to your questions here. You have to ask your mum's doctor.

Does anybody answer the switchboard at King Georges Hospital. It is a disgrace to have to hold with the phone ringing for 30minutes
What is a&a like is it any better than queens
How is possible for urgent to wait 4 hours ?and I still wait. I can go at another country for this time This is 1 working days.Oh my Gish that is absolutely unprofessional I'm really hungry.
Is there parking
Where about in king George hospital to get my hearing test done
Do you have to book an appointment for a booster jab
Can I take in cloths and personal effests
(Translated by Google) Hello, if I go to the emergency room, I have to pay something (Original) Buna ziua daca ma duc la urgenta trebuie sa platesc ceva
Hi where Physiotherapy department is?
Hi I am holding an EU passport would like to apply for a job as a nurse. What r the requirements.
My partner has to attend the sleep clinic there next month. What will happen and when can he receive treatment.
What time visiting on ash ward
What's the latest time I can have a blood test
Can I get antibiotics for chest infection
Does anyone know where the radiology department is located I need antenatal room 3 (new)
I know there's a prayer room, but is there a Jummah congregation, and if so what time?
(Translated by Google) Hello, does anyone know the schedule for the covid test? is it open on sunday? (Original) Buna ziua stie cineva programul de la test covid ? Duminica este deschis?
Where is rheumatology
Hi. Do you get a reminder txt about your upcoming appointment? Thank you
What happens if you have an appointment at the ELM BREAST CARE CENTER?? IF anyone knows PLEASE let me know ASAP. Thanks
Hello, does anyone know if there is a garden or similar that I can take a patient into please
Is there a specialist proctologist in the hospital?
Where is it for scrob
Is Pfizer vaccination is available for tomorrow
Is there a car park &how much does it cost
What vaccines are being administered here at the moment?
where is the MRI mobile unit situated
Were is king Fisher ward
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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