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Are they bullies

Yes, from personal experience the security staff in some areas are arrogant, over forceful and think nothing of assaulting someone because of over reaction.

Does kingdom pay the fee to get your sia lisence renewed ?
Can you provide me with your press office contact, and details of your formal complaints process please?
I retired recently, I've been taken of the payslip site ,how can I check my last pay to see if its right
Can someone tell me how long its going to take before kingdom pay their staff? Everyones wage/overtime is now 3 days late and cannot get a straight answer from anyone!
Are all staff DBS
Does the company have sia jobs available at co-op Whinmoor, because i have s.i.a , and live local.
Can anybody help.please I can get on people zone.but webex doesn't recognise my pin number or password I put in.thanks.
How do I get my wages ,not a pay slip, I can't get onto website to see them
Who's the area manager for kingdom security northwest
How do I get to view my payslips
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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