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Is sauna and spa are open

Yes. But currently limited to 3 people in the spa, steam room and sauna

Open 6am? With sauna ? Also good Friday 9am? Let me know
Are the water slides open the same hours as the pool?
Does anyone know where you can do aqua aerobics geelong torquay area?
Do I have to book?
Are vaccination certificates still needed to be shown?
is there a dry sauna? how much is it for sauna use.
Are the water slides open
Can my son use the water scooter I bort him from big W , at the pool
Do you have to ring ahead or book to just have the kids go for a play swim?
Are watet aerobics on March 18 at Leisurlink
Do the water slides cost more and are the hight and age restrictions
What hours/times is the hydro pool free for the general public to use?
Is the pool only for women?
Open Good Friday ?
At what age can a child swim without supervision
Does the centre have a hydro therapy pool and if so what hours are available to the general public?
Is there netball courts
swimming class are available tomorrow?
When does the Waterpark close
are you open or close because of the virus
Where are their defibrillators located?
are you open tomorrow 7/6/21
What days and hours is the cafe/canteen open?
What time do the pools actually close?
Is there a basketball court?
Are slides open on weekdays and if so what time do they open?
Will the gym open earlier than 6am in Summer?
Is the spa and sauna ready by 6am, hot enough?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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