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Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds Valley Park West Leeds, West Yorkshire LS10 1AB

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Just received a text from Lowell haven't a clue what it's about, is this the normal from them I would have thought they would ring first. Not even going to contact them back

Yeah I had the same

Just been contacted by your company due a phone contract i stopped paying due to phone breaking 3 months into contract no support or phone to put sim card in .would rarther it go to court at least then i could have my say .
Is it true that if another company buys you out ,then it means the debtor does not hlegally have to pay another penny to the new company as you did not sign up to that company ,and that a debt clears once six years is up ?-
I have debt of 1000 with lowell and they have been so understanding with me. What makes a big difference is that you do contact them asap let them know your situation regarding re payments, if you ignore them they yes things will go bad for you.
Hi I'm contacting you to try clear my outstanding debt but can on afford 20.00 per month
Who are lowell
I am so sorry that so many of you are having issues and I never did with lowell finance and lowell Solicitors. They have been very understanding with me and helped me find the right repayment that is right and affordable for me.
hi, ive already paid the debt on my previous phone contract (O2). how do i know if it is settled already? because i keep getting declined when im having credit check.
this company have confirmed by call yesterday that they have bought my information. and started you contact 5 times a day on a telephone number which they have not been given my consent too . ICO are investigation as in breach of GDPR
A beyond vile and reprehensible operation.Proven to harrass and lie to the most vulnerable in society - the bereaved, those on low salaries working full time. Ignoring communications - in order that you demand even more, at the expense of humanity?
Filthy scums. Can you tell us when you will shutdown your immoral and sick business?
Has anyone else received a letter from Lowell claiming to write 75% of the debt off? Is this legit?
I have just got a letter from yous about my ee for the 280 pound i just want to no if i could set up a payment plan to pay for because i cant pay the hole i can pay 40 pound a fort night untill it is cleared is that ok
only saw this when i looked on my credit score and saw an outstanding debt never have taken out a loan in my life and still live with parents so have no bills to pay why is this they have not sent me a letter or given me a call and its been 2 years
Is Lowel part of the freeman Jones group
Who are this company ???my husband got a msg on his phone saying open the letter are they a scammers?
How can I find out what is still outstanding on my account
Then you closed down your gang of sick interlopers? Bunch of low life scum.
I WELL PAY 120 POUNDS ON FRIDAY OK THAT'S HOW MUCH IT IS UNTIL IT'S FIN ??????????????????????????????????????????
Do not contact me again it's quite obvious you are scammers to send that kind of message to me when I am locked out and I've been told by the government to stay locked down you are scammers f*** off leave me alone
Sorry I missed your call.
Has anybody been conned out of PAYG reward points by Vodafone after you've gone onto contract when they've promised that they WOULD still be valid ?
How do i set up dd on line
I sent a direct debit form back to start my monthly payments they still have not took the payment so what more can I do
Chasing a debt paid 2015 had a letter i still owe get your facts right . Welcome to speak to me face to face anytime just a set of chancers
(Translated by Google) I don't have a Vodafone card, I didn't get a phone, a tablet or anything else from Vodafone, what's the problem, please send me an answer (Original) Nu am cartela Vodafone nu am luat telefon tableta sa altceva dela Vodafone care este problem? va rog trimite-mi raspuns
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