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Does the M have a lunch buffet?

Yes they have a brunch and it is super terrific

How much is it?
Does the M have a lunch cafe?
Is there any senior discount in lunch buffet
Does the M resort do Thanksgiving dinner to pick up?
Does lunch buffet has senior discount
Do you have a shoe shine there?
One reviewer indicated there's a free shuttle to the Strip. Are there certain hours or a schedule? Do you have to be staying there, or players club?
Does the M have a dinner buffet
Is it a lot of walking
Does the casino have a shuttle for Raiders home games
Does the M hotel have some good restaurants?
Is there free parking?
How truthful is the 30% off rooms for Californians?
Is there still a shuttle bus from the strip to the hotel
Do you have to go to the front to check out
Do nfl teams stay here?
Is the hotel currently offering valet parking? Is there a fee?
Do they have truck parking?
How much is the buffet
Will the M resort offer the Thanksgiving Dinner Package for (10) as in previous years?
What is the Motown tribute
Is the brunch open today
How. Do I book a. Room
What is their phone number?
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