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Shirl 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Gave me great phone advice on my older TV. Nice man.

Mitchell’s TV Services FAQs

Do you collect tv from home to repair

You need to drop the TV off at the shop

Can you fix my 43inch TV screen that is cracked?
Do they repair CRT TVs?
HI Mitchell tv service i have television and it has a problem the sound is working but their is no picture can you fix it
do you collect tv from home to repair it
Do you do pick up from Tv no picture or sound
I've damaged the screen on my Samsung 75 inch TV, is there anything that can be done?
Panasonic 55 inch 4 k flat screen. Had green light flashing. With tv restarting, switch it off had red light flashing unsure in how this is. Only have freeview not built in used for ps4 also unsure in what the issue is
I have a sharp TV it was been knocked at the side n there is lines going across tv can this be fixed please
I have a shadow line appearing on my tv.Can i have this repaired?
Hi do you repair plasma TV?
Hi my tv has sound and screen is black can it be fixed and how much?
Hi my TV screen is cracked inside can you fix it its a 55inch smart TV only 2months old
How much to repair a USB socket?
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