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Bruce Kenrick House 2 Killick Street London N1 9FL

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Can you keep pets in all of the properties, like the kittens a lady has in Hayter House? Apparently the management seem to know.

Depends on the tenancy and type of property

I want to swap to an empty property down stairs same property as the on i live ecept it has a garden and its on the ground floor . I struggle the stairs has ihave lung problem who do i contact about this
Can anyone help me out, I just got married last April, my wife lives back home, my housing advisor tell me I have to move away if I need to bring my wife because nothing hill genius for people who needs a support.!!!What can I do .:(
is there parking nearby, please?
Why my housing associations what people to dieing slowly with damp wet moud and damages coold flat with poor condition and get full rent from the council
Why the housing associations don't care about Tennant problem with damps moud wet cold damage flat? I hope the gas people who are coming to the the jobs come before 12ca
I have been accused of anti social behaviour,of which I am the opposite. As well nhhg obtained a possession order for my flat
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