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Ravi Patel 9 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Overall friendly and professional service 👌 …

Linda Halfhide 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

‘re Carisbrook court eskdale avenue northolt ub55dw no caretaker for 6 wks will P for P send cover or not or will the residents get a reduction in the service charge this happens on a regular basis 3day cover per week would be lucky to …

Max Hart 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Awful company , never answer my calls. Get help with my rent and its been payed to them and leaving me with nothing because I’m apparently in arrears. But have proof showing its been payed. So what is it filling there pockets instead? Its crazy.

Places for People Financial Services FAQs

How do you guys send statements coz I dnt get my statements at all

Want to know the period you give a person who took your loan

Hi, I qualified for a loan with a total amount of R17, 995.79 and only used R10 000 on January 13th 2017, my monthly instalment is R677,04. I'm still paying till today of which its R16 900 and only to find out my balance is R5, 133.85 hw daz dis wrk
Hi if you guys loan me R50000 how much I'm gonna pay if I want to take an instalment for 24 months
If i want 35000 how much will i pay in 48 months
How do I get my statement
Morning ,I'm Dladla SC I have an account with you so now I need a solar system for the whole house is it possible .do you have solar system?
Can i get some cash if i need it or ?
Hello Real People, I've been sending emails seeking assistance but no one has responded. Which email address is relevant for complains and quiries?
Real people Hi' evening.
Hi ,i want to know if ihave taken a loan on realpeople and i lossing my job wat must do and wat realpeole does .they will come and collect the mateial or what
iam very dissapointed at real people theres a lady working at real care her name is petunia if i spelled it correctly she is refusing to assist me based on what was said last year can you imagine real people you really dont want business shame on u
Hi am a lady whose willing to deal with you with a loan of 50000 n and know also how much the interest n n the installment for 4yrs
Can I shop at built it using credit from real people?
hi Im one of your home is not yet finished, i have a shortage of materials to complete it. The shortage is at the roofing and, windows and doors. Will you pleas kindly upgrade my instalmente?
I need s loan from real people how can I get help
Hi I have a loan an struggled to pay the amount can you reduce My monthly instalment
Hey how does this work anyone who has a better knowledge please help me ?how does it differ compared to the loan itself?
If take 150000 in 24 instalment how much would I do pay every month
I need loan what can I do please
Hi i want loan please call me i want it today
Hi I'm Jankie I Want My balances
How can i get my statement and my ballance
Why are you people deducting funeral policy which I didn't apply for?
Hi I have been paying for 30 000 installment for 9 months but when I ask for the statement it come back with a balance of 32 000 what going. I tried to call but no one is helping.
I ask for my statement, but till today i haven't receive any?
How to i get my statement
How do I get hold of you guys , I need a paid up letter
Why are taking my money
You been taking my money and don't know you can i have my money back
How can I get my statement
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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