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Sue Holland 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Stupidly signed up then realised you have to subscribe to actually get anywhere. I’ve logged out and changed my notifications so I don’t receive any alerts but the emails are relentless (thank goodness they’re spam) and I have to go on a desk top computer to actually cancel the thing

Plentyoffish FAQs

These are not the correct opening times as the gym closes at 5pm on Sundays

Yes. The centre closes at 17:00 on weekends with last admission at 16:00

Is there lift access for Xmas fayre tomora disabled access required
Where do i put my babys buggy at the baths ??
Is there free parking at haven point please
I don't think members should wear a wrist band for the steam room. It's ridiculous because if it's a rule that band should be worn it gives kids ideas to go in and steam and sauna are not places for kids to be I think the rules should be changed
How much is a gym membership for a 14 year old just for a month?
How much for over 60.
What is the age of children swimming?
are there changing rooms for the gym?
I've got a membership because I'm working I can only get the one with 2 activities but can I still use the sauna with this pass
Could you please tell me when aqua aerobics is in. Do you have to be a member to come to haven point as it may not be every week that the lady will be able to come. Thanks
Do you sell kids goggles and if so how much please
does my 11 year old need a parent with her when she can swim by her self?
What time is the gym open
Can a 13 year old go to the gym or is there a teen gym he can go to please? Thanks
Do you need to take towels and swimming cap?
Would a 9yr old swimmer need an adult to go in with them?
Is there a hoist at haven point for disabled users
Would it be possible for you to put the dates of swimming galas on your website?
is the gym open today?
Can I wear t shirt and shorts while swimming in front pool?
Does the place offer swimming lessons for adults?
Do you have to book to go swimming
Can you tell me when you open what day the aqua fit will be on .thanks
How do i get my GET ACTIVE updated ? Can i do it over the phone. How do you arrange appointment to attend swimming bath's. When no one is answering the phone. Just a recorded message. a recordedmessag
Is there a parent and baby swimming group (when it's open)
Are you open on Saturday and how much isit children to go swimming
Time does pool open on week days pleasw
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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