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What time does the pool close please


What time does the obsticle courses come out
Do they have children's swimwear for sale?
Is it open on wednesday?
how much are you swimming lessons please??
Are there any. Fitness classes for older people
is their still a slide at the swimming pool
Can you wear snorkels in the pool plz
What time is the Jacuzzi open on Wednesdays
Is circuit training available
How much is swimming
Has the pool re-opened yet please?
Are u open now?
When is the best time to take a two year old swimming,?
Can you pay by card
Is the pool open pls
How much is it to swim
Do you have steam room
Is there a sauna in cleethorpes liesure centre
Anyone found a gold chain
What are the swim session times for a Saturday please?
Can I ask what's going on in there today please.
What time does swimming Lessing finish on a wednesday ?
Do they hire out towels?
Do you have a specific time for pensioners swimming sessions. Also what is the cost of a session thankyou.
What are the swim times on a Sunday please
Why does no one ever answer the phone?
Tryed to get through on website for to book a swimm ,is it me or is it your Webb site .
Does anyone know when the leisure centre is opening for the public to use the gym?
What is the price for a sauna at cleethorpes leasure centre
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