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1 Frances Way, Grove Park Enderby Leicester LE19 1SH

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Edward Spokes 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I had the misfortune of using premier property lawyers when my wife and I sold and purchased a property in Sept 22. …

Paul Firmin 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Overall pleasant and smooth experience selling our house…
Dealt with one conveyancer from start to finish, and many thanks to Michelle Eyre for the excellent job! …

Georgia Clayden 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Under no circumstances should you choose premier property lawyers. My partner and I went through 13 months of pure hell with them. We were first time buyers with nothing to sell and the person we were buying from was keen to move quickly. …

Premier Property Lawyers FAQs

Why are PPL so slow at completing property transactions? Why do the PPL staff lie to the clients about delays and blame other firms when PPL cause every possible delay. Why can you never speak to the case handler? Why do PPL not respond to emails?

Why is your service so slow?
Currently selling my property and I have. Literaly done all the work! Can't get a response from email nor can I get hold of my conveyancer! Service is truly disgusting! Had no option to go with as purplebricks said we had to.
They make so many mistake and truly are slow at dling anything my advise from experience Pick someone who is in you're town so u can go in personally to see them
Why are there so many 5* reviews for this company? 0* should be added as an option
Is it possible to complain to the law society about Premier Property Lawyers? They have held up our move for weeks and which is costing us dearly.
Why do they never call you back?
Why haven't you apologised to your clients and all those affected by your total service outage over the last few weeks?
Why is there premier in your name ?
Inefficiently ask for same information repeatedly, even though it was sent weeks earlier. Slow to respond, have to be repeatedly reminded to forward or initiate action that was promised. Avoid using them if you want to save time and money.
Why is my daughter waiting 6 months to complete a purchase??? No chain..just one buyer...
How can this company have an email inbox that is full and won't accept emails...... How can this be possible this company doesn't fill me with confidence, Unfortunately Purple Bricks have made me use this service
Hi why don't you have a Leicester phone no. Because I get charged for using this no.??
Absolute garbage been going on since June and we still have no paperwork as premier keep fobbing us off ?? really don't know why wh brown and purple bricks recommend them
Why do Premier Property Lawyers (My Home Move, Simplify) not care for their customers?
What is going on with this firm slow,its been 20 weeks and still not completed, they will not contact me or my lawyer to tell us what is going on have taking it further but that is slow too
How long does it take to receive funds after completion? We completed at 1pm today and have not heard or received anything since!!!!
I am at the point of losing the property that I reversed back in July 2022 due to PPL solicitors. I wandered why PPL are EXTREMLY SLOW towards getting things done. Seller has now put property back on the market. What can I do?
Why has it taken over 8 months to sell my flat ' it's chain free !!!!
Hi Do I need to pay stanp duty on the property pls
DO NOT USE THESE SOLICITORS. Appalling, they are costing us our house sale. Disgusting.
Why won't you answer my solicitors calls? Why won't you answer your own clients calls? You are about to let a house sale fall through because of your inactivity. Anyone looking to use these cowboys services beware!
Absolutely shocking solicitors, they do not care and go out there way to delay the process, especially in a middle of a pandemic they should not be in business. Do not use these solicitors.
What can you do when your buyer has used this incompetent circus and you have waited four weeks in temporary accommodation? Even our buyer can't get through to them. Firms like this need to go Does Martin Lewis know about this firm?
What can you do when your buyer has used this incompetent circus and you have waited four weeks in temporary accommodation? Even our buyer can't get through to them. Firms like this need to go
have they kept a retention fee from you and gave it back to you after a year as per agreement? PPL are the worst people I have encountered so unprofessional
Why is a law firm able to lie on a daily basis, hold up transactions by saying we are still waiting on enquiries? when the previous day said all enquiries were in but would take until the following week to go through them? I could go on.
why dont you answer the phone
hi how much price your office charged for selling home freehold property with mortgage price 135000.pease
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