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No.. they vary. The store is a consignment store so whats on sale is being sold on the behalf of a consignee.. or a seller. Prices in the store its self vary from week to week also

hello i have such a question you have box logo supreme navy size L / M
How much for the yeezy Blue tint in US 9?
What is the smallest size of yeezy they do (accept from the baby sizes)?
do they do legit checks
How much are yeezy 350 v2 in your store
Do they clean shoes
Do they ever have sales ?
Can i sale or trade with them, with either shoes or cloths?
can u sell your sneakers to them and if so whats the rough percentage increase they sell them on for
Do they have yeezy foam runners
Does presentedby sell clothing
How much are yeezy 350 size 6 at cheapest
can the store buy shoes from a person if the shoe is legit
What are the cheapest Yeezy 350 V2s?
Why are these extremely expensive?? I was stupid an off to by a pair 4 times more than on stock x! What the hell!
Im gonna go there in september, and wanna buy some new kicks. Am i able to get shoes for under 400 bucks, or are most of the shoes more expensive?
Do you have to by something if you visit
They open regular days?
What is the cheapest Yeezy Boost in US9 in the store? Except the Yeezy Sesame and Butter
What is the cheapest yeezy in US9 in the store? Except the Yeezy Boost sesame and Butter
How much are Oreo yeezys boost 350 in UK 9 from presented by ?
Resell sneaker is possible?
are there jordan handicrafts?
How does the selling process work ?? If I want to sell a pair of shoes do they buy it for cash immediately or they give you money after they have sold your pair ?
Am I able to get store credit if I trade some shoes?
What is the average price for air Jordan 1,4,7 ?
Is the shop open now?
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