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Heather Butcher 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

A challenging town yet blessed with a diverse community and mixed challenges. So how much is this town worth.? . One blessing a day . Blessed to be in the most Blessed town – Reading with great leaders from all sectors and walks of life keeping safe in our community.

Ekaterina Belousova 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I wish I could write a better review. But the building control department is really disappointing. For the last three weeks we have been sending them emails and reminders to answer us back and we still haven’t got any reply back, they just ignore us. Useless and disappointing…

Adina Butunoi 6 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I am speechless at the service RBC tax offers through the phone, absolutely appalling, they don’t want to do anything, very lazy and very patronizing in the way they speak with the customer. This should be addressed at the next level and …

Reading Borough Council FAQs

Have you paid the telephone bill we cannot contact you

I keep getting letters from reading Council which are addressed to someone else . Demanding payment for a council tax. We leave in Hammersmith, how do I get it to stop. Which email can I contact which phone shoul I call
When does green bin sticker arrive
Hi Can someone knows where to email/send a tax refund form? Thank you
I changed my address on my drivers license 7 years ago but RBC have my Mum's address attached to my car. I have never had to change my address with the before. Why is this?
why has my large black bin been replaced with a much smaller one? there are five adults living in our house and we've resorted to keeping waste in our front garden which is obviously unacceptable but obviously not our fault.
are you open to the public yet?
Is the new council tax ready for payment yet?
When is refuse collected?
Who do I contact to arange collection of my green garden bin which i no longer need
Is it legal to place the household green waste bin on the public road outside your property to stop other road users from parking there. There is no dropped kerb..
I am trying for 2 weeks to call I don't have time to do it online why nobody is answering the phones this is nit accetable shame on you.
why can't i access council tax payment on -line
I have a disable badge, can l park in permit holders only bay in this borough?
Way is Northumberland avenue from hartland road round about to health centre not being resurfaced and hexham road by the bus stop again we must miss out you should be a shamed have been on the no5 bus lately you shoud try it some time our ask a bus
Are these questions ever answered? The council is a joke!!!
Parking restrictions on Redlands road. are you able to park after 5-30 pm for free
Head h social service's
Are the new mooring signs at Tesco and chestnut walk genuine. Are boaters not welcome in Reading and Caversham Park?
They're still not answering the phone! Everyone still 'working' from home? I don't think so!
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