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St James House 27-43 Eastern Road Romford, Essex RM1 3NH

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Adam Ali 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )


Unnecessary paperwork demands and rude staff! …

Portia Marapara 9 months ago on Google
( 3 out of 5 )

It takes a long time to get through on the telephone ☎️ line but once they answer, I’m able to get my queries resolved. Worryingly, when I bought my new car and updated them of the new registration number, they did not update this and I …

Alex 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

I wish I had listened to the previous reviews – exact same story here. They have taken the insurance policy, taken £1000 in annual fees, only to then cancel my …

Right Choice Insurance FAQs

How to cancel this insurance?

Deal with them by email. When they refuse to respond, or send vague responses not addressing your concerns, just take the evidence to your bank or card provider and ask to perform a chargeback against them providing copies of the unanswered emails as evidence

How to cancel this insurance?
How is it like in this company I only just joined today I do like it
How much will I get charged for cancelling my insurance?
Do you offer multi-car insurance
i have insurance with these guys but i was wondering do they do bike insurance and is it possible to add it to the same policy as my car
Does anybody no how long it takes to show up on the mid with this company i iv been pulled twice.
Hello. I wanted to go to work this morning and found the windshield broken to the car. What do I have to do? The car was parked in my regular parking place. I attach the pictures to e-mail. Thank you.
How do I find out my renewal date
How can I find out when my insurance renewal date
Someone use my debt card how can i stop that?
Can they take money out of my bank even when I didn't set up a direct debit
Hi thank you for all your help today Thank you Jayne.. ??
Pretty ok till now I've payed the deposit and they have ring me 5 min later to proceed with documents send via mail quick and easy for me Also the cheapest one on the market
How long does it take to show up online that you are insured
When do you get a courtesy car
what is the email required to send a written statement to RCIB as we cannot wait 49 mins in a queue and we cannot access our documents on line as the system does not work despite being told to do this by the recorded operator
I have already Insurance your company and I want practising one of my family, how much I should pay more? I was calling many times your not aswan,and I can not find on your website. Please let me know.
how do I request for my no claim bonus
Are you guys working new year's days
how to cancel the home insurance service during the first 14 days? as your policy give me wrong and I email the customer care, but nobody reply me yet.
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