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What are the visiting times

It depends on your ward 2.6 or 6 8

What is the renal outpatients department like ??
Is there any cheap hotel or apartment near the hospital for 2 nights accommodation?
How do i find out if my partner has been admitted
Where exactly is the mermaid centre
Where is the eye clinic ?
Can I possibly have my dyaliss treatment in your hospital
How long is the waiting list for dental treatment
can i ascort a patient with an appointment
Is there any parking "
can you give me address for access medical records team
My partner is pregnant and she is going to give birth any day now so I'm wondering what to do if we need to get there quickly as the parking is a walk from where you give birth, where can the car be left for upto half an hour so we can run in??
Where is the fracture clinic
Does the hospital has staffs from different countries?
do the wards have internet points
What part of hospital is the cardiac ward please.
Can I walk my dog around the grounds on a lead
I m an agency HCA. can I get the Covid-19 vaccin at the hospital!? How?
Hi. Where abouts is the covid 19 vaccination clinic please? Is it in the main hospital or on surrounding grounds.?
Hi I need to know any patients from this hospital have done their kidney transplant?
Which car park do I park in for the Trelawny Wing, is it the main front or the back where the eye unit is? Thankyou
Does the Royal Cornwall Hospital have a Audiology Department?
Where is the vascular ward?
How many staff at treliske ?
Where are they doing the fu vaccination
Is there a walk in covid booster for at the hospital
Where is the perranporth suite please
My daughter has a appointment on Friday and need to know what time and what it's for its rhianna little 9july 2000
Is there any help available to get me to the department I need if it is too far for me to walk
Is the hearing centre open Monday please as my hearing aid is broken!!!
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