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Saffron Housing Trust Limited FAQs

How many of you out there have also had their rights abused by Saffron? Please let me know.

Can only speak as I find and I have found them to be pretty good

hello i need to find out where i stand if my daughters partner moved in would how would it evict my tenant
Who is responsible for partitioning fences
Do u have to pay bedroom tax if your on benefits with saffron council?
I'm moving into a Saffron property, how many pets am I allowed and what happens if I have I have too many?
How do I pay for garage rented from saffron housingvtrust?
How can you get a saffron house when they don't come under your council?
hi can you tell me if i can rent a garage from staffron
How can we enquire about the possibility of buying our council house?
Can you buy home from saffron housing trust
How do older in-laws go about downsize.
How long dose it take to find out if you have been excepted on the housing list
We have been without central heating here at Weavers Court, Diss since last weekend (29/30Nov 2019), when can we expect this to change?
Can someone please tell me why Saffrons ex CEO Adam Ronaldson got the sack?
Who is the housing officer for Newton Flotman
Can we mutually exchange our flat if we live in sheltered housing?
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