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Odstock Road Salisbury Wiltshire SP2 8BJ

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(Translated by Google) Is it true that you carried out a study on the goodness of almonds for hair? (Original) Es cierto que uds realizaron un estudio sobre la bondad de la almendra para el cabello?
How much is car parking at salisbury hospital
Can you pay for car parking by payment card
Is there cycle racks at the hospital
Did this Hospital used to be called Odstock Hospital?
What time is visiting? Do you have to Book!
Am trying to contact salaries dept to get my p45 should of received 14 aug lots of trouble getting through to a human! By phone ant suggestions please thank you ??
Where is unit 27 rehab at Salisbury hospital please?
Do you hire/lend out wheel chairs? as my wife has just broke her leg and struggle with crutches.
Do you have people who visit those in the spinal unit when their family live far away and cannot visit regularly ?
Are the patients allowed to receive flowers, chocolates or cards
Best time to visit A&E?
Is there a pastor in the hospital
What time can I have a blood test
parking at salisbury hospital, if im going for outpatients apt and i pay for 2hr ticket and they are running late or apt takes longer than anticipated, will i get a ticket?
How much is the car park for the hospital as I'm heading there tomorrow please
What is the location of the registry office in the hospital?
I noticed there was support offered for veterans, what is available and who is the person to contact.
Does Salisbury Hospital treat `lymphoma patients?
The hospital what all are the facility providing for the hospital staff and salary package?
What time does the blood department open?
Do I require a LFT to attend an appointment at the Pathology Department?
Does the maternity ward need prem baby hats
Where is the nearest hotel to Salisbury hospital?
Which part of hospital is urology a or b
how does one find out which wards ,where newly admitted patients are ?
How to send an email to a doctor at SDH Direct or through someone else
Hi I have an appointment at the Clarendon Suite. How do I walk there from the car park Thank you
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