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Louise de la Valliere 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Nobody ever answers the phone.

Simon Davies 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Impossible to get through to anyone. USELESS….

The01t 4 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Corrupt judges who will ALWAYS side with the police or CPS no matter what, and will even help them out in the cross examinations at times.

Southampton Crown Court FAQs

Sorry I can't help but give them a call.

I have recently applied for a divorce and have received my paper work back. My husband and I have now sorted out out financial matters so I do not need a financial order.Please could you tell me what I need to do now. Thank you
Need to get a copy of my degree absolute who do I contact
Is there cctv outside the main doors ?
Given the COVID restrictions are the public galleries open
Are the family courts open again?
Where do i park?
How do you apply for child contact forms
I have been separated from my ex husband, I want to divorce him. What do I need to do please?
Hi, does anyone know the opening times for the enquiries office is open please
My daughter wants to divorce her husband for adultery. Does she have to complete the divorce proceedings in 6 months or is it just that she needs to petition for divorce within that time? Many thanks.
Can you scan defence paperwork over to the courts if your unable to attend in person ?
can you tell me the nearest hotel to the courts please
Where do I get a copy of my devorce papers
Is this where decree nici are read out for someone from Portsmouth
Is there a car park
Hope to ask for a copy of a marriage certificate?
Surely it should be a standard requirement that all parties be present to make a decision???? I am furious that a Judge can deem what happens in my life when I WAS NOT PRESENT I am a human being not an invisible person.
How can the judge make that decision when I was not present. How can a judge dictate what happens in MY LIFE. I work full time and cannot just drop everything just because a Judge makes a decision. I need answers NOW, Marion Riches
I had a court case last July and I need what the outcome of the court case was how do I go about doing this please because I don't seem to be getting anywhere sending emails
I was wondering if this court offers work experience placements for year 12 students as I would like to become a lawyer in the future. as well as this being a great opportunity for me. can anyone help me out on who i need to contact please.
I've just moved home how do I change my address with courts
I have filed for divorce through a managed divorce company on line. They state they require marriage certificate but suggest if married outside England (I was married in Scotland) I should check with local courts that certified copy is acceptable.
What paperwork do i send do i need proof of id
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