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Is ice rink open today? If so, what time?

(Translated by Google) To 4 (Original) Till 4

Is there any parking at the leisure centre?
What time is the rink open tomorrow?
What are the quietest times for the ice rink on weekdays and weekends?
When will you consider re-opening the ice rink later at night? For example, I used to train between 11pm and 12.30am. Can we expect to see these times return in the near future?
What hours are off peak
Is it safe to leave bycicle outside?
Are the ice wardens usually dressed in orange jacket or overall?
Are there washing facilities for gym users
What time does the ice rink open for the public today? (Thursday 8 August)
Do they have a bowling alley?
At what time does the junior gym open on half term weeks?
How much are skating lessons? How do I book them?
Is ice ring open today?
How much is for ice skating
Is there a baby pool there is so is it open today and will I be able to buy a baby life jacket there too or not ?
Is the ice rink open on the 3rd of January 2018 , if so what time
Is ice rink open today and what time
Does it have a carpark?
Do they serve food such as fries (chips) and burgers and what have you since before it was refurbished I remember they served fries which were surprisingly good?
what time does junior gym start today? x
I wanted to learn to swim and book lessons, what's the swimming pool like?
How much would to cost for 3 children
(Translated by Google) Carerr prices for ice tax (Original) Carerr prices for ice skat
(Translated by Google) What value for pagination track? (Original) Qual valor pra pista de pagination?
Will there be ice skating lessons tomorrow evening (10/12/20)?
I would like to know if tomorrow the 18th ice skate will be open
When will soft play be open I miss going with my little one she loves it there
Is the rink open today since its the 25th?
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