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2 Hudson Quay Winward Way Middlesbrough TS2 1QG

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Hi my mam want to buy her flat she has been in it over 20 years,she asked whether she could buy it they have phoned her this morning to say she does not qualify for this has anyone got this response from 13?

Hi Sean, we are unable to discuss individual circumstances but if your Mum would like a colleague to discuss it further, please can a private facebook message be sent or an email to us? Thanks Julie

What is the hardship found
How do I contact the electrician I'm expecting for postcode YO22 4DE
Will you fix the tap Monday 21st November ok
How can I get a down stairs flat
How do I bid for a thirteen house
how do I get onto the housing list
Does 13 group buy houses
Can I get help with bedroom tax for my grandaughter sleeping
Why? Has thirteen group, left rat infested dog kennels, in the empty property, knowing that other neighbours, are infested with rats coming from this garden,,
Where to get bin
Hi I'm wandering about the flats on rothbury road my son is 27 what would he need to put in for 1 of these flats
How much rent do you pay in a 2 bedroom council house in hartlepool
Is it true that you don't have to pay bedroom tax if your are renting off them?
Is there any electrical engineering apprentaships going for leavers 19
If my driveways getting blocked by a neighbour's visitor, my partner can't get in and also if I was to need an emergency ambulance or maybe fire engine it wouldn't be able to access my lifedriveway...what can I do about it...
Where is the housing group 13
Where do I get my grass bags from
(Translated by Google) VANDALS.!!! RUN AWAY FROM THEM. (Original) VANDALAI.!!! B?KITE NUO J?.
Hello I have been trying to make contact with this company for 2 days with out any success at one stage the phone line ran for 35 mins only to b entertained by music, I also tride to make contact after hrs but with the same out come.
i have an over grown tree at the bottom of my garden can i get any help to trim it down about 2 meters i used to keep it cut but im over 72 years old now and cant do it anymore,kind regards paul.
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:50 am

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