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That was a bit rude Immortal Jellyfish, insinuating that Gaynor Martin frequents public toilets just for stating the toilets are closed and why we pay our council tax. I see that as a perfectly good question. We need public loos open not only for residents out shopping, etc but for tourists coming to our area too. If other seaside towns councils can manage their public services then why not ours?

Are there government funds available to plant flowers and shrubs etc in communial gardens please. Thank you
Absolutely awful customer service and poorly trained staff
Is there any help available for private tenants that don't have a garuntor to secure accommodation?
Is there someone I can call to Remove a freezer from outside my house ?
Why is the green area between Sherwood road and Nottingham road not mown at regular intervals.grass is about 12inches high why do we pay tax towards this so called service .Also all of surrounding roads a in a dangerous state with pot holes and not
Is there a maximum number of black rubbish sacks that you take from a house. Thanks
How do i go about and get smoke alarms
Why was my green bin not emptied on the 28th it was marked on the calendar for collection.? This is for 21a st Peters park Road Broadstairs.,
Are walnut trees protected in Thanet
I telephoned today after reporting bins missed for most of St Nocholas on Monday after reporting on Monday. 18 minutes on hold we can see you reported it on Monday. will email complain form. NOTHING YET!
Why has the council given up cutting the overgrown grass verges? Makes it look like a neglected area.
Who do I contact to rent an Allotment in Margate?
Is it true the council has stopped fishing on Broadstairs jetty
How do apply for the exchange programme for my mum who lives in london
What are the LHA rates for 2020/2021?
Can anybody know why there's no parking meters at the westcliff ramsgate and down by the beach as it would be good income ?
What distance do your waste bins have to be from the gate so the bin men will empty them?
The toilets are so simple to repair, why are spare parts not kept in hand , to repair does not need a highly qualified plumber,VERE rd CAR PARK toilets needs a real cleaner to actually wash the floor. We pay high rates and low service.
How do i get to talk to a humanbeing
when are we going to get are bins empted discussion
When will TDC undertake the outstanding ceiling repair work on the ground floor of Kennedy House Ramsgate ?
Is pig alley in Ramsgate a public right of way or is it private
Do I need to book to get into the tip ?
How do i get on the transfer list
Is Bob porter the housing manager
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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