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Triton Showers, Shepperton Park, Triton Road Nuneaton Warwickshire CV11 4NR

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Toby Webb 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Terrible after sales care. As a contractor specialising in disabled adaptations I dread it when I see Triton howers specified. They literally do not have a technical department you can speak to, I tried to call and have been on hold for …

John Tonks 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

Instaflow Instantaneous Water Heater – Single Point
if I could put zero stars I would. Barely able to heat up to cool never mind hot even when the mains water is already at a reasonable temp. That’s at a trickle. Utter waste of £119. Do not buy.

Peter Johnson 9 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

When your shower is under warranty and malfunctions – not interested. They just ‘fob’ you off and only when challenged try to ‘cover’ their tracks.
They did forward me a copy of the installation manual however – FOR THE WRONG …

Triton Showers FAQs

After fitting a new, shower head the water is coming out of the small pipe behind the outlet pipe is there a reset button

Youll need a PRD replacement.

my shower was dripping with water, so got ablank to stop it dripping. obviously the wrong thing to do. now the water is coming out ot the overflow pipe and out of the shower head at full pelt. and it won't switch off what do i replace
My shower water pipe is in the middle of the box do I have to have a new shower the same
We need a pumped shower for low mains water pressure. Do you have one that will work from the water main - do not want to introduce a header tank. Thanks Simon
On the Triton Dene Cool touch Mixer Shower which is the shower on control Left Or Right ?
My Triton enrich electric shower is not flowing hot water. Would I have to replace the whole unit?, or can I replace with a spare./new part? Tia, Andy from Birmingham.
I have a 7000 series electric shower. The water coming through is not hot enough. The hot water throughout the house is very hot so I think the hot/cold mix is at fault even though the dial is at maximum heat. What can I do?
We have a triton T70 shower, it's 20 year old and works very well. Since having smart meters Installed we notice that the electricity reading is very high. Would a new shower use less electric.
Brand new shower fitted shower head that had a stop start button.Power is on but no hot water is coming out
Is there a direct replacement for a Triton Amber 2 shower that does not involve altering cable and pipiwork?
Hi i have triton shower water is coming out the over flow what can i do.its a T80z
I have a T70GSI 8.5 kw shower. When on the 3rd setting (hottest) the water comes through very hot even when the dial is in the blue zone. If I used the 2nd setting, it works ok.
Titon T80 Easi Fit Shower. I've had a new Shower fitted, when the Control is far over to the right, the Shower gets mad hot. When the Control is moved slightly to the left to lower the temperature, the water runs cold and remains so.
what triton shower replaces a t80 xr
Could you please send out a plumber to deal with our leaking T80 unit? I'm told we need an electrically approved one. Many thanks IS Tennant
I got a triton T802 electric shower today no hot water anyone any ideas thks
Our new shower was fitted yesterday its a triton mira sprint , it works for 2 minutes then runs cold we've tried all settings , the eco setting isn't hot enough and when on high it runs cold how do we get it running constant hit .
Hi, Can a Triton Aspirante code ASP09GUNMTL be fitted with top entry pipework & cable
my shower keep tripping out after 10min can you tell what wrong
My Triton T80si has just stopped working? any suggestions. there was something replaced by a engineer a couple of years ago?
Does the water flow cause the shower to strip the switch on meter board
Hi ,I have a Triton T90xf problem is, when using cold water for bathing; next person uses hot water, it remains cold, although temperature fixed as desired, both button for temperature does not work. It will be well after hours hot water returns.
Can the triton be piped it to a sink
Is it possible to run a triton Aqua sensation thermostatic mixer shower plus booster pump from a combi boiler with a different cartridge assembly
I contacted you re. a replacement shower for a Jade 2 model your recommendation was for a T80Z & I ordered one. The plumber has just been to fit it & it is not a suitable replacement, the one you should have said is a T80Z multifit. Need to replace
When I switch my shower on the water doesn't go to the head it comes out of a pipe behind the casing can it be fixed
The water pressure dial on my shower is showing mostly red. How can I remedy this?? Have checked the pressure to my combi boiler and that is fine.
I have emailed a few times (with pictures of the mixer unit as I don't know the model.) I now urgently need a replacement cartridge. I have just rung, and gave up waiting after 25mins. Can you tell me when you are likely to respond please?
Hello! My shower is very hot and I can't charge it... Is something broken or...
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