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The council (Housing Association) Offices The Campus Welwyn Garden City AL8 6AE

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What is the council's policy on keeping bikes/scooters outside the front door in blocks of flats. Surely it is a fire hazard.

it is but all these only for law and some people, not for some. I'm sick of these kind of people and things if everybody follows good,but who follows ,no body

Is there any complaint forms avaliable? less than 1 star! The tax side is fine but whoever is answering the phone needs to be sacked! Not happy with WHC in Welwyn Garden City! I want to complain and actuary follow through with it til the end!
How high above a six foot fence should be there hedge be
I rang the office to get some visitors parking permits and was told to do it online. I went online and was told that no permit was registered at this address, I am not very computer savvy and want to know how to sort this out as I have no permits
Are you doing the round Robin where people have a map of streets that are doing garden sales on a certain date???
When will I be getting my Council Tax rebate?
What are the work near Sherrardswood school and how long will they be there?
Does anyone know how long this power cut will be?
Where do I send information to get a my free buspass
Who won the recent election?
How to apply for paper vouchers
When will your office be open so I can sort out my parking permit?
What's the regulations on having a bonfire in a garden?
Where can I dispose of paint tins In Garden City
All the blue bins in our area have had their paper boxes removed, is this correct. Do we now put paper in the main bin.
Any advice for a Council Tenant whose stepdaughter has moved in and is working but won't give a penny towards any bills or upkeep....???
Does welwyn hatfield council allow pets in flats
Is there a regulation in the area regarding the burning of rubbish? All afternoon from 1pm - 6pm approx today (Sunday) we had large plumes of smoke from someone's garden bonfire and the whole area smelled of smoke and pollution.
Why does your online complaints form keep telling me that my email address is wrong? It is not! Another way to fob us off I suppose?
Who decides in the Council how to spend our money for road repairs? Seems to me someone new is required.
Please can you tell me why Saddlers Way in Hertford was resurfaced. The residents are curious. Was that really important to do that when there are so many pot holes. Sometime ago the pavement in Moffats Lane was unnecessarily resurfaced.
I wish to add another name on my council tax bill how do i do this tks john.
Can I apply for housing with you either exchange or trasfer
Where is the Homeless Applications
Does anyone know wot the policy is for doing an exchange while having adult children still loving with you ... would we be approved for an exchange that has the needed number of bedrooms for us and our adult children ... thank you ... x
I need to speak to someone who's not a pre recorded message or a robot but the council is closed most of the time
Hello, When will the planning office be open? I have sent many emails and I have received no reply. Thanks.
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