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P O Box 16 52 Derby Street Ormskirk L39 2DF

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Can you tell me WHY our ladys queen of peace paths are in a very bad way as all the drains are all blocked and the last few weeks the schools kids have to go in to school with wet shoes and wet clothes as it flooded.so can you get it sorted.

Can you get bus pass renewal there
Does the council still take stuff to the tip.
Does anyone know when moregate bungalows where built?
How much green waste bin
Can you confirm if it's bins or recycling tomoorw on orskrk road skelmersdale
How much do the council charge to get rid of a wasps nest?
I would like to send to Lanceshire a painting of Dead Pheasants on a kitchen table. This was a Wedding gift for my Grandparents from their best man Mr H Ogden. Do you have a contact of an Art Gallery or the Ogden family. The painting is dated 1919.
When o when will the people of Burscough be free of roadworks ,this is 5 months since the A59 was happy to go.
When is the tip going to open properly
Can you please tell me why I am not able to pay my council tax on-line. I have now tried numerous times in the last three days but the site is not available. Thanks you.
Could you tell me what your policy is on building on green belt infill? How may plans have granted in the past 3 years?? Many thanks. Dianne Baldwin
Can We get a couple of Yellow grit and sand containers for my Street.
How do i get onto the housing list for Ormskirk area
Can the "Tetra Paks" be recycled in the green bin?
If I want the council bit of the curb I front of my property to lay some tarmac do I have to pay for it
What colour of bin today for Elmridge wm86dd
How do you make an appointment on line to deliver green waste to recycle centers with a trailer? The online info explains you must make an appointment but fails to link you. The auto call system is equally poor. Can anyone help?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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