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Bob Winter 9 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Good karate session

Chris Morris-Buck 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Excellent, clean, very friendly and helpful staff and great range of services available.

Kerry Staniforth 9 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Loveky clean centre . The staff are brilliant and friendly. Really nice place to work out

William Gregg Leisure Centre FAQs

Is the Centre open tomorrow Sunday 24th January for COVID testing


How to cancel membership
Do you do aqua arobiticsplease
How much for a adult and child swim please .
Do either of the pools have any fountains or other such elements of "play" for younger children to enjoy?
Do you still to mother and baby groups in swimming pool
What days is the gym closed over Christmas.
Can you give me your timetable for swimming ty
Is there a creche while parents use the gym?
My daughter has swimming lessons at Heanor. Is she entitled to free swims during the holidays? Thanks.
How much is the inflatable fun? Need answers rapid!
What time is genral swim open to the public plz
Can my 15 year old come to the gym with me?
When is it less busy
How much are the childs swimming lessons.
How much is it for an adult swim?
What time can you take children swimming
Time table tomorrow
Has aqua jogging class started.
Are there any aquanatal classes?
How much is an amber card and how much are the studies lesson and aqua with this card please?
How much does it cost for an adult swim
How much are goggles at leisure centre ?
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:57 am

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