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Council Offices Urban Road Kirkby in Ashfield NG17 8DA

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The City Hall will take care of every …

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District Council Offices, great service, great staff

Ashfield District Council FAQs

24 PyeHill Road Jacksdale Notts Why is my council tax postcode NG16 5LR when all other literature to this address , and my neighbours postcodes read NG16 5LT ?

I don't know. Your Postcode correlatd to hucknall area

I have cleaned my allotment and there's a lot of grass some stones and much more stuff that can't be put in any bin. Can I get something from the council? Who can I get in contact with Thank you
Where/how do I apply for my bus/tram pass now that I have reached pensionable age?
What are the rulings on close proximity garde n bonfires ?
Will the council collect & dispose of a 3 piece suite & will there be a charge?
whats the cost to have a fridge freezer taken away?
What dates are rent free 2019/2020 for council tenants. Thank you
I've got matresses to get rid of will the council fetch these and is there any charge
Can you order a extra red lid bin
How do i apply to rent a council garage?
Can anyone pls tell me how I report a neighbour many thanks
Where is a nearest jobcebtre on Kirkby in ashfield area?
Hello I've got a over 65 bungalow in hucknall and wish to move into a bigger house with girlfriend,how do I go about getting a new place in Kirkby? Will I have to exchange or will they accept me bidding on somewhere and waiting it out? PL help
Can you put a fence over a manhole cover ?
I took a form into the council offices with bank details for my brown bins three month ago for direct debit, had not had a calender with the dates, so rang them they had not got me on the list for them to be emptied, seems the form i took vanished.
Are they going to build on the land back of wolseley court priestic road
Weres the jobcentre on urban road
If you live in a council bungalow are you allowed to remove fence and place a large touring caravan and also large tow box on the front of property ?? Even there is not enough room,
How does one get a Blue badge
Do we need planning permission to move a front door on an end of terrace property or is it building regulations?
if a 12 year old child need a taxi to school ,can the parents get one or does he have to be 13, the child does not go to the nearest school because the child want to go .to the other school the parents work so they will not get any help
Are we OK to put out extra bags this coming Monday red lid bin day.
Where do I find Passed Applications
is it allowed to distribute a menu at home ?
Is hucknall market open during lockdown?
Due to the increased traffic from the Summit Park and the disturbing poor state of the A38 road (between Emma Penny Way & Sutton Road) the noise is increasing causing pollution day and night - who will answer the phone to help?
Is the offices open to the poblic or is it only by telephone
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October 31st, 2023 at 10:58 am

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