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Roy Johnson 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Having stayed in Barnsley Hospital several times since the mid 70s I have seen the changes over that period. On some occasions the levels had dropped, but I can gladly say any fears of staying in the hospital now are gone. From the …

DAZelioni 7 months ago on Google
( 1 out of 5 )

This hospital is an absolute joke. I had a massive cyst burst and waiting for an operation to have it removed. 3 days I’ve been fasting on and off for as they’ve have to send me back home twice. Nurses haven’t cleaned or dressed it …

Dez 7 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

How anyone complains about hospitals is beyond me. All the staff in general are brilliant from my experience. It’s very busy all of the time so your obviously going to have a wait. …

Barnsley Hospital FAQs

Can a patient connect to Wi-Fi in a ward?

Hope you're okay Kristina

Does pharmacy open sat
Does Barnsley hospital have a walkin centre
What is the name of the consultant in the colooscopy clinuc clinic
where is ward 20
What times are visting on cardiology
Where is the oral max out patients dept
how to get to A4 entrance
Can I get a Covid test , without entering hospitals
Can an outpatient have a person present at consultation/appointment?
Im disabled how do i pay for my ticket n not get charge because ive had to take my badge out to prove im disabled?
What time is the main doors unlocked:?
Which entrance do you use for the gastrology out patients
Can I choose which hospital I have my op
Hi I recently had ankle surgery so had some equipment at home. I had a walking frame and a toilet seat with frame. I no longer need these now so I was wondering do you collect them or do I have to return them to the hospital?
Where is dermatology and which entrance do I use
Do everybody who lives in one house have to isolate before the person goes in for a operation
Do they allow phones in the psych ward? Are you aloud some of your belongings there?
Is there a psych ward?
Can you visit people in hospital now
Are partners aloud to stay at the unit too ?
can I visit a patient in ward 17
Can you have take aways delivered to the hospital
Can u get blood test done at Barnsley hospital is it a walking service
Hello, I was referred for essential extractions, full clearance by my dentist, Peel St, early October 2019, as yet had no appointment or any communication from bdgh. How much longer do I wait?
What is 2 ww lower gi service
What time does pharmacy open
What time does the hospital pharmacy open
Is the blood test department open on a Saturday. And if it is what time dose it open . Thank you.
What is ward 31
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