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martin 8 months ago on Google
( 4 out of 5 )

Good services

Chris Jackson 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Knowledgeable and efficient. Excellent service

Christopher James 8 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Steve. Tip top man. Cool as u like

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have tried on numerous occasions to get in touch, have held on the line for 20 minutes plus and then get cut off by someone at your end. Am not impressed by the customer service provided. Does anyone answer your phone calls? You need info from me!

Had the same Problem.Maybe not as long, haven't got that much time to waste.

Trying to call for the last three evenings, no one picking up!! How else can I contact you?
no answer every time I call. Will look elsewhere
No one picking up ?!
Where is my policy document
Does anyone actually work here? Been on hold for nearly an hour!
Am I insured to drive my daughters car on third party if I have fully comprehensive insurance with these non existing people
you tried to ring me yesterday so please try again asap.
any one else been ripped off by these recently ?
What a nightmare holding for over an hour and still no human at the end of the call. I managed to speak with them yesterday, but found that the representative I spoke with was undertrained and a waste of time.
How do I find out how many no years claim discount I have on my policy. I reported and accident in july 21
Does 3rd party fire and theft cover windscreens
Have a van insured with them do they do muiltie cars insurance
I cancelled my car insurance with Bright side, and the years payment has been taken out of my account. How do I get it refunded?
Dodgy company have been taking my money for a policy I cancelled in 2017! No refund as according to them I need to prove what I did with the car after I cancelled them!
The company has charge me twice for the same thing now they won't refund me. Started asking me prove of the transition. What prove? There's all information on the system, even all my details probably you got the prove also.
Are they still trading,keep calling but no answer?????
Iv been trying to call these 2 days now nobody picks up the phone what's the point in having insurance with you I may as well look else where
How can I find out if I've got breakdown cover with my insurance company
No one answers the phone on any of the menu options. Now trying to cancel my policy but can't !
Been trying to call you for the last 3 days now,different times everyday,how else can o contact you,have you only got one person on the phone or have you gone on holiday?
no one answers to the numbers they give and no one replies to their emails . when they finaly do, they are useless and string things along as long as possible and do not deal with anything - stay well clear.
Who are brightside insurance brokers
Can I add another van to my policy
I did have a message saying ( URGENT) reply needed. Not the sort of message you like to get when the policy started that day. Then recieved a letter saying insurance cancelled , all very alarming as the query they had was resolved two days earlier.
(Translated by Google) How do I claim the bonus? (Original) Cum obtin clame bonusul
how do I speak to someone at Brightside? I've just waited for 40 minutes with no answer. Why is my insurance being cancelled??
Am I covered to drive other vehicles
Been trying to contact you, was on hold for just over an hour, requested a call back heard nothing. You say you are cancelling my insurance how can I resolve this if you don't answer your phones.
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