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Pam Burton 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

I recently had an ablation done as a day patient at the cardiac ward. The care, concern, explanation of procedure and friendliness of staff was second to none. In fact excellent. The only bad part which wasn’t their fault was the …

Josh Cook 6 months ago on Google
( 5 out of 5 )

Cheryl, Jess and Dr Imran (as well as others in the Rheumatology dept) are amongst the nicest people i have encountered, great advice, tailored to me rather than just reading off a sheet. Great rapport building and interaction with patients. Cannot give enough praise to their professionalism and quality of care. Thanks guys 🙂

Ambrose Wilkie 6 months ago on Google
( 2 out of 5 )

The BRI has some good staff and can deal with anything (although you may have to wait for long periods). However, overall it can be uncoordinated and disorganised and fail to consider patients as people rather than just as cases to match to …

Bristol Royal Infirmary FAQs

Wat are the visiting times

What time can you visit

how many parking spaces here?
What bus stops out side B R I
Where to park
Where is the CT scanner?
Who do I write to with a compliment for all the excellent treatment and care I have received.?
Are children allowed in the adults ward for visiting times
When can I visit a patient on A605 on Monday ?
what is the name of the surgeons who operate on the liver?
Is this where the regional urology centre is based
Does Dr Richard William works there as NHS surgeon? Is he still there?
where is the cashiers office situated in the hospital
I have a friend here he is called David Reginald terry he was in intensive care he had a heart failure haven't heard from him since 5th June any news about him
What time are visiting hours anyone know
I have an appointment 30th September at BRI shown as Carido centre- where is it please that I go to?? Thanks Phil
Where is C 5 located
Do you treat private patients?
can users use the parking?
Do u provide transport home after major surgery
Do you still do the zephyr valve treatment please,
Where do I go to pick up someone in a and e.
Does any one know if I self discharge myself but O T are due to do a assessment will they still do it ? IAN ward
Can I get a newspaper
Does Dr Akzah Daniel works there as surgeon doctor? Is he still there?
Where can staff park near bri
Are there private rooms?
What is meant by " Staff accountant at Bristol Royal Infirmatory Hospital, UK" ? What post is it actually?
(Translated by Google) Hello, may I know the name of your patient? (Original) ???? ????? ???? ???? ??? ???? ????
Do they still do zephyr valve treatment, please
Please share your views of the BRI Gynaclogy Ward for ovarian cancer or investigations and enlarged ovary How long did you have to wait for results? What is the after are? What happens after results from bioposy We're you in pain after operation?
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