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Clean environment

Bromley Magistrates’ Court FAQs

Is there parking

There's a pay and display area opposite the Court and a large Car Park with reasonablish charges

Is there disabled parking please or nearest car park
Statements p60 Paysly everything and they took me to court and took my money away from me and my kids making up stories that were not true frozen all my bank accounts absolutely not now they saying is to later to take this to a tribunal nothing is
Is Bromley magistrates court open today
What prison serves Bromley magistrates
how do I start to sue a company
Is there a coffee ? shop with breakfasts, that opens early doors and within hobbling distance of this venerable institution; I require a Full English, prior to my "Exceptionally Unguilty" plead to a bent charge for which I was wrongfully arrested.
Has anybody got the email address for Bromley courts as I can never get through on the phone?
Where do I park
what bus from penge east
How do I find out what cases was issued today?
I am trying to find the court in which a traffic offence for driving with a continuous brake lights in Greenwich SE 10 would be heard? Can you help please? I am unable to access the case and make a guilty plea with the URN number on the paperwor
I have phoned Bromley Magistrates but they never answer. I would like to send them an email but the email address that they mention is unintelligible. Is there an email address that anyone knows for their admin office?
Exactly what do I need to do to take a roofing company to the small claims court for totally inept work when they replaced a flat roof on my property ?
How do I pay for a service?
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