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how long do a client from you guys get feedback about his car as now its +-9 days not knowing about car and really i feel being not taken seriously

They have terrible service!

Service is pathetic, still have to keep phoning following up on my claim, they even tried to rob me saying they will pay less than suppose to ,had I not known my story they would actually had robbed me iwyze service is just a mess all the departmen
Budget insurance is taking advantage of people, how do you tell me I am not covered for December while my premium was deducted month end.
How long does it take for a claim to be successful because is being 2 weeks now still no response amd whenever i call them I'm being told that a consultant will phone back but they never..I want my ca back????
How long does it take for a cell phone claim to be successful because is being 6 weeks now still no response and whenever i call them I'm being told that Michelle consultant will phone back but they never.. This is very disappointing
How long budget could open a claim. Since from from Friday 29 October trying to open claim with budget till the 4th November 2021 the claim is not opened. I'm still waiting for a manager to assign someone to open a claim.
Are you guys Budget insurence works with so called BSURE AFRICA?
What can I do if budget insurance investigator was not fair to my case and concluded my case base on his thoughts because he was not willing to listen to me. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated
How long do you have to hold to speak to a supervisor on a 3rd party claim after waiting more than 3 weeks for an answer? Forever. Don't bother trying, back to call pool you go till you run out of airtime.
Where can I go for a vehicle inspection as I'm failing to upload the required or necessary documents online....
would like to cancel my insurance
Can u plz call me
Car hire added. How do i go about getting a hire car
hello, I would like to know if the comprehensive cover amount does it decrease monthly or it remains constant
How to reduce my premiums
What time does your call center open?
I've been paying my car insurance for the past year. now i want to cancel because i am no longer working and i can't afford to pay anymore. Is there any way that i can get refunded the money that ive already pay? Regards
What happens if I reverse my debit order for budget insurance? They have deducted from my account before the actual payment date
Are you guys really serious about all the negativity of Budget Car Insurance...I was in the process of calling them for a free quote but after what I am reading I am declining my contemplation...
Can I switch my debit order to a TYME Bank account?
How do I cancel my insurance with budget insurance?
Can I have budget WhatsApp number
Hi!!! I am a new client from budget , now looking and reading all these comments about the newly elected insurance. Is it wise to continue with it because I wanted to cancel other insurance forbudget for
I would like to put my budget insurance stickers on my vehicle for case of emergency. where do i collect these?
Could you tell me how long does a dispute take? Can it really take 2 week?
What's the number to lodge a claim as the number on the website says it is not in use. I am really frustrated by this, with water all over my house
what happens if i cant pay my premium for one month
how long does it take to get back your access money because its almost 2month now witout getting any feedback from you .
I am re-locating to the West Coast. My home content and one motorcycle will be in self-storage for 6 months. How does it influence and affect my policy?
I would like to know how long it takes to approve claim after I have been involved in car accident .,?
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