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Grzegorz Pokretowski 7 months ago on Google
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From Monday please himself stay at your jobs so please area on the Football is …

David Tattersall 7 months ago on Google
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Rude on phone …!!!

David Carter 7 months ago on Google
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Burnley Borough Council FAQs

How do you get a bungalow in padiham and how old do you have to be to apply for one

If am right you have to be over 55. And you have to sign up to a group called 2bwith us. You can find it if you type it in Google. I may be wrong but am sure that am right lol best of luck

Why is recycling not on wheelie bins like everywhere else in Lancashire. The paper sack is useless , sack justs blows away, people then throw paper in refuge bin
Why isn't the grass being mowed up brunshaw the grass at the side of my house is terrible and hasn't been mowed for a long time its getting overrun and looks awful
Will there be a garden waste pick up tomorrow Easter Monday
Does polystyrene packaging go in plastic bin, or general waste bin?
What to do if your homeless n got nowhere to go
Where to get rid of fridge freezer please
Why hasn't our recycling bags been emptied should of came yesterday the 14 July but no one has came can you sort this gannow lane resident.
Can I have a plaque were my husband and daughters ashes are and how much Thank you
Hi we have some new residents that have moved in near us in Kibble Bank. Someone has driven a wagon or massive van over the Green outside our home and down the side. Who do I report this to please
Who else on lower and higher tentre dissatisfied with muir groups repairs and complaint procedures need to get hold of councilor for help
Hi my name is clare heap I got a letter from you saying when I lived in Padiham flat 2 29 burnley Rd bb 12 8 by I lived there for 4 weeks because it was so damp I moved out I was ill went to Scotland in 20017 about my
Whats happening with the old recycling bins are the council collecting them
Are we getting new bins
Anyone know what we do with old recycle tubs when wheelie bins start
Are the new upcoming recycling bins the same size as our existing green waste and household waste or can we have a smaller version. I live on my own and do not have a lot of rubbish and my bins do not have a lot in them.
I'm disabled,and need some furniture,and a carpet to either recycle or dump,how do I go about this?
W Which dept do I contact, to get a blue recycle bin, due to mine being blown into the road and suffering damage from impacts from vehicles, thank you,
I've been trying to order a recycling sack for paper/ cardboard but the system won't allow me. Why?
Why does when how please?
when will the pioneer car park be opened? Supposed to be May and it looks ready. Revenue being lost by Council tax payers
Is there a person who I can contact regarding a still birth burials that happened over 40 year's ago
How do I get a garden waste bin
Is there a local register for gardeners in the Burnley area who I could contact to help my brother, (whose has early onset Vascular dementia) with cutting his grass.
can you get me the telephone number of Burco Dean Appliances? They have changed their number but not their website.Urgently need a replalcement part. Many thanks Moira Leavy
Why is it that Taxis are allowed to jump the lights at Vivary Way Colne! Last Friday I was in the que through towards McDonalds, when the light were red for me, six cars four of them taxis shot up the right turn lane then zoomed over to the left
what time the refuse recycling center closes today and tomorrow
what is the name of the dog warden
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